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Optimal Seating Promotes Children's performance While Working at a Desk
Optimal seating for a child includes, knees and hips at a ninety degree angle, and feet flat on the ground. This provides stability, facilitates good posture, and promotes functional learning. A desk that is customized to a child's size, promotes optimal hand / arm use while working.

Can Reduce Fidgeting
Children that are squirmy, or fidgety in their desks, may be uncomfortable because their seating position is not correct.

Grows With Your Child
Children are constantly growing, and their chair and desk requirements are always changing. The Bintiva desk, and chair, can be adjusted in seconds to grow with the child.

Removable Lever
The height adjusting lever can be easily removed to keep the desk, and chair locked in place.

Safe Durable Construction
The Bintiva desk and chair are crafted from durable, professional grade materials, and are built to last. They are rigorously tested to Bintiva standards making sure that they are free of all harmful chemicals, leads, and toxins that are so harmful for young developing minds and bodies.

Assembles in Minutes
Just four small screws to fasten teh chair back to the base, and the set is ready to use.

Built-in Floor Levelers
The desk is equipped with four floor levelers that can be raised or lowered as needed, so that the desk doesn't wobble on uneven, or slanted surfaces.

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