Bintiva Eco-PVC Yoga mat

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  • Yoga mat is crafted from professional grade, hypoallergenic eco friendly, odor free, phthalate free materials.
  • The top surface of the mat features a non slip texture, while the dotted bottom keeps the mat firmly on the floor.
  • Luxurious 1/4" (7mm) thickness and large 24" x 72" surface provides the ultimate yoga experience.
  • A custom yoga towel that is designed to match, and fit over the mat can also be puchased.
  • Includes a carrying strap with velcro fasteners for ease of use. Like all Bintiva products, the yoga mat is backed by a 100% manufacturer's warranty.

Made from professional grade, eco-friendly materials that are hypoallergenic, odor-free and phthalate-free, this yoga mat from Brintiva comes a hook-and-loop carrying strap for convenience. The non-slip texture on the top surface provides safety during your exercise as does the dotted bottom that keeps the mat firmly on the floor.

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