Children's Horse Hopper With Removable Cover

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Horse Hopper Promotes Early Childhood Development

Research has shown that physical play can promote language development, coordination, and cognitive skills. Early introduction to these activities can have long lasting, positive benefits for your child. The horse hopper was developed with early childhood development in mind. The handles are easy to grip and are situated on either side of the horse to improve stability. The horse is built with contoured sides so that the child can relax his/her legs at the position they find most comfortable.

Wide Base of Support

Our horse hopper can be used even by children that require slightly more support than what a standard “hippity hop” provides. The wider base of support lends itself to a feeling of security and stability. Once children begin to feel secure they will start exploring movement. Rocking, lateral movements, and jumping are all possible on the horse hopper.

Total Body Strengthening

While jumping, the child is actively engaging and strengthening core, abdominal, major leg, and major arm muscles. Many of these muscles are used by the child to sit upright against gravity, focus, learn, play, and interact with others. They are often targeted for strengthening by educators, physical and occupational therapists, and other health professionals, as research has shown that when children are strong in these areas, it becomes easier for them to sit and attend to a variety of physical and cognitive tasks.

Proprioceptive Input

These exercises also provide the child with proprioceptive input, which can assist in increasing a child’s body and spatial awareness. A child may be craving proprioceptive input if they have a tendency to crash into objects, overstuff their mouth with food, color or write with too much force, or have difficulty motor planning new tasks.

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