Adjustable Weight Hula Hoop

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Weighted Hula Hoop
The Bintiva weighted hula hoop is an adjustable hula hoop with a 36” interior diameter and a 38” exterior diameter.
The hula hoop is manufactured using professional grade materials, and comes with a smooth comfort foam padding for ultimate user experience.
Additionally, the hula hoop comes in 6 detachable pieces for ease of travel and workouts on the go.

Adjusting the Weight of the Hoop
Weight can be added to increase the weight of the hoop to 3.6, 3.9, 4.3, 4.6, 5 and 5.3 pounds by inserting the included weights into the hoop.
We suggest starting out by using the hoop without any added weights, and gradually increase the weight as your body strength improves. To add weight to the hoop, remove one of the weights from the carrying case, unclick one of the connecting tubes of the hoop, and place it in the cavity of the tube. Continue adding adding weights as your body strength increases, always placing the weights on opposite ends of the the hoop so that the weight is balanced.

Physical Benefits
The weighted hula hoop is a fun way to exercise, and maximize weight loss. The movements used to engage with the hula hoop requires active engagement of hip and abdominal muscles and provides an effective cardiovascular workout while toning core muscles. The slower spin, due to the added weight, helps adults maintain control and use it for longer periods of time. The concentration required to keep the hoop up while moving can help improve focus while engaging in the movement.

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