Bintiva Mini Wobble Cushion - 26cm / 10 Inch Wiggle Seat for Preschool and Younger Children

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Balance Disc Benefits

Wiggle Seat
Allowing children to wiggle and move around while seated, helps keep them focused at the task at hand. Educators and parents alike, report great success using the discs to help calm children who have a hard time sitting still. They have recognized, that for many restless children, these "wiggly" seat cushions have a calming effect.
Core Strengthening
The simple act of sitting on the disc activates core abdominal and trunk muscles. Flexor and extensor muscles work in tandem to keep the user balanced on the disc while continuously strengthening and toning. Through these small, continuous motions, deep core muscles are constantly stimulated and enhanced.
Visual Floor Seat
Educators can use the discs to provide students with visual cues that will help them find the appropriate place to sit during floor time, story time, or other floor based activities. Having visual cues where each student is expected to sit, helps organize the lesson for both the children and educator. The discs are easy to identify, and are a fun way to help students get to their appropriate spot.
Therapy exercises
The discs are utilized by therapists and other professionals in many different sensory, and balance training exercises.

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