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The sensory sock is a great tool that can help children with sensory processing disorders get the input they crave. The body sock provides an even hug that can calm children while organizing their sensory systems. relaxation
The sock is also used to by professionals to help children with autism relax. The children can be encouraged to practice yoga poses such as downward dog, and tree pose to aid in the relaxation. Quite Space
Sensory sox are also used to establish a quiet, secure, spot for the child to block out all sensory input that can be distracting. Providers will have the child sit in a corner, or on a bean bag, while embraced by the body sock. This is the ideal position to encourage concentration, while studying, and learning. Body Awareness
The sock is also used by occupational therapists to help children develop motor planning skills, while establishing spatial, and body awareness. Bintiva Quality
The sock is manufactured from high quality, durable fabric that is both strong, and flexible. Like all Bintiva products, the body sock comes with a 100% manufacturer's warranty.

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