Covered balance disc with washable overlay - Dark Gray

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Wiggle Seat With Cover
This unique product is our standard "wobble cushion" with the addition of an attractive, zippered, overlay that can be removed and washed. The overlay is washable and enables the use of the cushion with multiple children or clients without the transfer of germs.

Balance Disc Benefits
A wiggle seat is beneficial for children by providing sensory input, including slight movement to help calm children who have a hard time sitting still. The balance cushion provides an unstable surface to sit on or exercise on, requiring you to use more muscles to stay balanced. The cushion provides ergonomic seating which helps relieve back pain and shoulder aches.

The cushion ships inflated and includes a pump for adjustments.

Like all Bintiva products the disc, cover, and pump are all covered by Bintiva's 100% manufacturer's warranty.

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