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Balance Pods

Balance Pods

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Balance Pods
  • Bintiva Balance Pods The Bintiva Balance Pods come in pairs of 2 or a set of 6 and are crafted from professional grade materials. Each pod measures 6.25 inches in diameter and are 3.5 inches high. The pods sizing is designed for use with adults and children of all ages and sizes.

    Benefits Therapists and trainers recommend the use of the balance pods, as well as use them within their own sessions. The balance pods work the muscles of the abdomen, back and pelvis to address core strength, toning, balance, posture and coordination. They can also be used to treat plantar fasciitis and fallen arches.

    Versatility Activities and exercises using these pods range in levels of difficulty. Depending on the individual using them and the purpose they are being used for, the balance pods can be used dome side up for an increased balance and strength challenge, or dome side down to provide increased stability. The textured points on the domed side provide added tactile stimulation.

    Like all Bintiva products, the balance pods are fully covered by the manufacturer's 100% warranty.

    • The Bintiva Balance Pods are crafted from professional grade materials and recommended for both adults, and children.
    • Balance Pods were designed for developing and maintaining core strength including the muscles of pelvis, abdomen and back.
    • The pods can be used for a number of exercises that can help with balance, coordination, body toning and posture improvement.
    • The balance pods feature tactile bumps, and can either be used with the dome side up, or down, for varied levels of difficulty
    • Each pod measures approximately 6.25 inches in diameter, and the height is 3.5 inches.
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