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Bintiva Aqua Dumbell Blue, White, Blue

Bintiva Aqua Dumbell Blue, White, Blue

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Aqua Punching Bag Size
Water exercise is a fun and energizing workout that can provide aerobic, strength and flexibility training. The Bintiva Aquatic dumbbells are shaped like the weighted dumbbells used for land exercise, but are light because they are made of foam. The weights you use on land work your muscles as you raise them against gravity, but in the water, the resistance is opposite. The dumbbells resist your efforts to lower them. The bigger the size of your aquatic dumbbells, the more resistance they will provide.


Exercising with Bintiva aqua dumbbells is not only an aerobic workout that benefits the cardiovascular system, water aerobics is also a strength training regimen, due to the natural resistance that the water provides.

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