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Inflatable Air Track - Adjustable Tumbling Mat

Inflatable Air Track - Adjustable Tumbling Mat

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Customize Your Gym Surface
The optimal firmness of an exercising surface varies depending on the user, and the type of exercise being performed. Standard gym mats can sometimes be either too soft, or too firm, for the individual user. Our unique, versatile, air track, allows the user to adjust the pressure of the mat from extremely firm, to soft, as needed. Adjusting the mat can be accomplished in mere seconds.

Institutional Grade Mat
Each Bintiva mat is hand crafted from the highest quality materials, and is built to withstand commercial use.

Large Exercising Surface
The size of the mat is about 10' long and 3' wide, making the surface of the mat about 30 square feet. The large surface is ideal for many exercise routines, therapy and sports drills, and other gym practices.

High Powered Pump
The Bintiva air track comes with a high quality electric pump that can quickly inflate the mat. The high powered pump is strong enough to make sure that the mat can be as firm is possible, if desired.

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